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Welcome to Eikoku Karate-do Keikokai

Summer 2024! A great time to be training at the Karate Academy!

Welcome to July 2024 at the Karate Academy! Please note, our timetable is ON with just a couple of exceptions for special events!

The Karate Academy is the right place for people who are interested in self defence, fitness, and building confidence with martial arts practice. You can see the timetable, here! We don't stop for school holidays, just Bank Holidays.

Practical Traditional Karate taught with modern methods.

When you want to get the best out of Karate from experienced Black Belt instructors who have a proven record of helping people achieve their goals please call 01626 360999 for information about our Taster lessons where you can work out if this is really for you without having to pay anything.

Alternatively, come in for a chat at our full-time martial arts centre: Karate Academy, King Street Studios, King Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 2LG where we have Karate classes for all ages and our instructor training. It's the premier karate centre in Newton Abbot.

The Karate Academy teaches Traditional Karate to adults, children, and mixed groups in Newton Abbot, and Torquay.

Whether you have been training forever or you are a raw beginner, our classes can help your martial arts development.

If you are looking for effective self defence, fitness, and a fun hobby, then this is for you. Please call 01626 360999 to book your free trial lessons.

Keiko is the name of our group, meaning 'Practice' in the manner of the old martial artists. Shotokan is the style of karate that we practice, noted for its strength and dynamism. Newton Abbot Shotokan Karate club came to be taught by John Burke when the previous instructor retired. Choosing the name "Keiko" for the club to avoid it being "John's Karate club", the business became the Karate Academy in order to make it clear just what it is we do. We teach Karate. Sometimes people ask if we teach other martial arts. The answer is that they are all found within our karate. If you like Judo you will find throws and a little groundwork in our art. If you like sport kick-boxing you will find the competitive aspect within our art (for those who want it). If you like practical self-defence then you will find it within our art. If that makes it more confusing then we're sorry, but really the only way to work out which club you want to be part of is to try it. Not all Karate is the same. It depends on whether you enjoy the teacher's methods, the group you are with, etc. Try us and find out whether this club is for you.

We welcome all ages, gender and abilities, so whether you're looking to increase your self-confidence, to keep fit, or learn effective self-defence techniques, then come and join us at the Karate Academy for martial arts in Devon.

If you are nervous about coming along, please call 01626 360999 and we tell you all about what you have to know before a lesson even starts. There is no need for embarrassment, and there are no contracts to sign.

The Members' Area of this site is a resource for our members to increase their learning and research.

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