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Grading Results

     Grading Results

At the seminar in the Newton Abbot dojo, today, Saturday 12th October 2019, Kyoshi Anthony Blades, 7th Dan, and Renshi John Burke, 6th Dan graded
Richard Carrick to Godan
Jim Harvey to Yondan
Janet Drew
to Sandan
Luca Carasco, Oliver Elphick
, and Thomas Flannery to shodan

On October 27th Henry Slipszenko was awarded his red stripe in Little Warriors class by John Burke renshi at Newton Abbot dojo.

On October 31st the following students were tested by John Burke renshi at Newton Abbot dojo and found to be worthy of the grades listed:

3rd kyu
Emily Dungey
Christopher Flannery
Archie Pimley
Steve Sharp

4th kyu
Joe Magor

5th kyu
John Owen
Kristina Tinker
Hannah Ward
Jorja Williams
Oscar Williams

6th kyu
Peter Flannery
Jakub Kubien
Tom Sanders
Ayrton Sharp
Theo Shepherd

7th kyu
Nathan Dungey
Oscar Magor

8th kyu
Alistair McGill
Freya Wallwork
Sunny Weedon
Madeleine Williams

9th kyu
Dexter Beverley
Dominique Green
Kezia Green
Mahalia Green
Yovella Green
Tommy Thompson


Renshi John Burke, our chief instructor, was recently (26th & 27th October 2019) invited to teach in Finland.  During the seminar he conducted a grading examination, and the successful candidate was awarded 4th degree black belt:Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor
Congratulations Jari Tuominen, yondan!

Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training

The next kyu grading is on 2nd February.
The next Dan grading is on 27th & 28th June.